Preschool Blues

The beginning of school was not easy for my son or our family. My child has always been stubborn and so to speak walked his own walk. If he didn’t want to do something, it wasn’t going to happen. Raising someone like this is tough.

Starting preschool was a definite adventure! He loved going, but absolutely hated nap time. He did not want to go to sleep and pestered everyone who wanted to nap. It drove the teachers nuts and me too. If my child got even a 10 minute nap in, he wasn’t going to sleep at night. Every day when I would pick him up, I would hear about how bad he was. It was disheartening! I didn’t know what to say or do with my 3 year old to help him understand his behavior was wrong. There was too much time that had lapsed from the behaviors and me picking him up.

I would often call my mom and cry. Please help me! At one point the preschool wanted to have a parent meeting with all the teachers, the director and us. My mom and I were talking and she asked me, “Are you sure this setting is right for My grandson? Have you ever thought of putting him in a home daycare?” My first thought was he needs preschool! My mom told me he can be taught those skills in a home daycare.

I decided to try it, so I grabbed our local Advance newspaper and looked in the classified ads. I found a perfect ad for a place called Beppe’s House. I called immediately. The place sounded perfect! As I was speaking to this woman I thought I knew her. I asked her what her name was. I did know her! I had always admired Mrs. Carol from afar! She was wonderful with music and children. For the next two years my son was under Mrs. Carol’s care. She was a gift from God and a blessing to us!