Ice Wine

New adventures make for a wonderful time. Experiencing Traverse City, Michigan in the winter is a lot of fun! We started off learning about a new kind of wine… to me that is. Frozen grapes make a drink I’d never experienced before until this weekend. It’s called ice wine. Chateau Chantal held it’s first festival at Traverse City, Michigan. Ice wine is made by pressing frozen grapes. Only a few drops of wine are obtained from each grape, causing it to be an expensive wine to make. We tasted numerous varieties and saved the ice wine for last. While ice wine is very sweet, I found it isn’t my style. I like something full bodied but smooth…typically a red wine. My favorite wine I experienced the weekend ended up being a port called Cerise Cherry Port. This area of Michigan is known for growing cherries. Traverse City is a fun place to be!

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  1. Michelle, Thank you for giving David a signed copy of your book for us. I (Pat) read in entirely in 1-1/2 days I loved your format: Your story, Scripture, Prayer and Words to Ponder. I am thrilled that through your pain, you found a relationship with Jesus Christ. Your book is powerful and it speaks to the heart from your heart.
    Bill is reading it now that I have finished

    We hope to meet you in person soon
    Serving Him together, Bill and Pat Rexford, Davids neighbors

    1. Thank you! God has an amazing way of turning our darkest moments into something beautiful!

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