A Turtle to Me

Have you ever had something in your life that kept showing up? I have! It’s a turtle. This creature first appeared in my life as a child.

When I was 4 years old, I was hit by a car. Prior to the accident I was playing with Barbie dolls at my neighbor’s house across the street. I know you all remember Barbies and the great big mess we could make with all their beautiful accessories! It was approaching the time to leave and my older brother was told to come get me. We still had to clean up, so he scurried home to tell my mom. She didn’t make my brother go back, instead she decided to watch me cross the street from our big window in the front of the house. She did just that and got to witness me getting hit by a speeding drunk driver in the middle of the day. My mother described this horrific event in detail to me. She saw me bounce on the hood of the car and then on the pavement. I can’t even imagine how she must have felt! It would be terrifying to see my children harmed!

I was taken to the hospital and kept overnight. The amazing thing is I only needed stitches on the back of my head. I was completely fine otherwise. While I was in the hospital, a woman from where we attended church had heard of the accident and wanted to make me a gift. This is how I got my first turtle. I loved this stuffed animal very much! I played with it all the time and even slept with it at night. My brother felt some guilt about my accident even though no one blamed him. This woman gave him a turtle as well. So this is how I got my first turtle!

I learned an interesting fact about the sea turtle that really fascinates me and relates to my philosophy in life. Everyone knows human babies need help in every aspect of life. After a turtle hatches it has to dig it’s way out of it’s nest. It must then take a long trek to the sea where it will live. Often people want to help this infant turtle and carry it to the ocean. If we do this, we ultimately kill the sea turtle. It needs to build up it’s muscles by taking the trek to the ocean. Without this walk it is unable to survive in the current.

This reminds me of our journey as people. As we struggle in life, we learn and grow. We need the struggle to become who we are!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have an item that means something to you?

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