What!!!! I broke another bone!

Tripping on a shoe in the dark is not always a good thing. Fortunately, I caught myself with my left arm. It hurt so I wrapped it up and went to bed thinking I’ll sleep and it will feel better in the AM. I didn’t sleep very well and my thought is…Uh oh! I think I broke it. “ER here I come!” I tell my son. While there I find out my distal radius is broken clean through. Upon seeing the x-ray, I know it means surgery. This break hurt really bad! Because I drove myself there it means no pain medication. I told the nurse, “Keep me talking! it will distract me from my pain.” I told her I was a writer and I was going to blog about this. Right away she says, “I’ve got something for you… My weakness is chocolate cake and strength is talking through a broken bone!” She told me she was amazed I could be so calm while in so much pain. My mindfulness training has really helped me in this regard!

Despite this broken arm in many ways I feel very blessed!

  1. My surgeon saw me that very same day and got me on the schedule 5 days later despite the holiday.
  2. Everyone at my work place was very kind to me… parents, students and my fellow teachers and administrators.
  3. My friends and family are helping me!

Although difficult things happen, I choose to be positive! The attitude we embrace determines our success! My life is really good!

2 thoughts on “What!!!! I broke another bone!”

  1. Staying in the moment, and accepting what is! Two difficult things to do, let alone at the same time. Kudos!!!

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