Messengers in Many Forms

Messengers: found in many forms

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail my book It was Saturday and everything was closed but the self-service counter. Two other people were there. I didn’t know how to go about sending my book. They helped me. We ended up having an amazing conversation! We both shared about our life journeys and found we had so much in common. I was in awe at the graciousness they had in helping me! My prayers lately have been about helping my 17 year-old son. He has been struggling in school because he emotionally doesn’t handle all the struggles going on in his life regarding his father’s physical and emotional state. I would reach out to the school but felt ignored! I’d given up and decided whatever was going to happen would happen. First quarter my son is failing two classes. What I suspected could happen was now in progress. These two people, who I have never met, reached out to help me with advice. We exchanged phone numbers. After they left they sent me the principal’s email and a word of advice. “Tell your son you are not going to be the parent that gives up on him. Ever.” I sat in my car and cried tears of joy! I needed that today! Tonya and Mike, I agree…There truly are no coincidences!

Thank you Tonya and Mike! You fill me with hope!