Love Conquers All

We all learn to love in some capacity. In order to know how to love someone we have to receive love. We have to experience it and understand how it feels. In my opinion the person to love first is our own self. If you don’t like or love who you are, how are you going to share this emotion with someone else?

A quote from the movie Collateral Beauty resonates with me!
“Love – Time – Death
We long for love
We wish we had more time
We fear death
Love – Time – Death”

I’ll show an example of this in a way personal to me. My ex husband, who is an alcoholic, suffers greatly on a daily basis. He’s found his only happiness through escaping into his bottle of vodka. Two years ago he had a major heart attack that sent blood clots all throughout his body. After a left leg amputation, kidney dialysis and spending six weeks in the ICU, his body survived. Unfortunately, his mind is stuck in the past. He has left those that love him with a feeling of hopelessness. In the past few days he has had an alcoholic relapse. He sent me a text saying, “I am being challenged by demons from my past, and I don’t deserve Connor.” He was supposed to spend the weekend with his son. Instead he is now in the hospital with more blood clots in both of his lungs. I don’t know why my ex husband can’t look at life through a positive lens and see there are many around him who love and care for him. I pray he steps back and enters a treatment program that will help him learn why he is behaving this way. Until we figure out the “why” we can’t fix it.

Love is within everything, but we have to first find it within ourselves! Love who we are, love what we are, and love what we have to offer! When we find that purpose in life it gives us the will to move forward. Love! Don’t shut it out. Live!

That movie, that quote, awesome!

“Love – Time – Death”