Does Sadness Impair Performance?

I believe sadness does impair our performance if we don’t know how to handle our grief. All kinds of things in life are going to happen that we have absolutely no control over! These things that other people do sometimes have an effect on us. Somehow we have to let go of others actions and solely focus on our own. This isn’t always easy to do especially when we love the person who may be doing the action. I have learned in life that I control how I feel about anything. Some things are sad! It’s ok to feel that extreme sadness but it’s not ok for this emotion to claim my life and happiness. I allow that feeling to be felt and then I release it to my higher power. Choosing to control my life, and do what I need to becomes my mission.

I have a series of steps or questions I ask myself:
1. What happened?
2. Notice the feeling. Should I be feeling this way? It’s ok to have emotions.
3. Did I have a role in the event that happened to cause this feeling? Own your actions.
4. Is this problem something I have control of?
5. What can I do to fix the problem?
6. Do I need to forgive someone or tell someone I’m sorry?
7. What are the steps I must do to move forward? Should I give the problem to a higher power or create a plan to fix it?
8. I then act on my plan and make the changes that are necessary for me.