Job Shadow

Yesterday was a very interesting day! I have a highly intelligent son who has a very strategic mind. He often has a hard time focusing on the “stuff” he isn’t interested in. Everyday we have something in our life that we may not feel like doing, but somehow we have to motivate ourselves to get it done. I believe purpose and passion are what get us there. My son is currently going into his senior year. It’s time to start thinking about what he wants to do for a career and what type of training he needs. Together we went on a job shadow to figure out if computer programming really is what he wants. OST in Grand Rapids, MI took a two hour block with my son and I. We got a tour of the facility and all I have to say is, “What an awesome place!” Their interns worked with my son showing him programs they were working on and talked about how everything they do is like solving a puzzle. After leaving I asked my son is this what you want? He said, “Yes!” My son now has something to work for. Purpose and passion help us to have a reason to do the not so fun work in order to achieve our end goal.