A Timeless Kiss

Express your Heart: a timeless kiss

We have been taught a beautiful way to express ourselves from the time we were born. Mothers and Fathers pretend that the open mouth of their baby next to theirs is a tender kiss. At that point in time we are teaching our child a skill he or she will use for the rest of their lives!

As we meet a good friend it is an expression of, “Hello, How are you?” In Europe it is a standard greeting with a kiss on both cheeks.

A kiss is a way to say, “I love you!” I can’t imagine not expressing that to my children as they were growing up or to a significant other.

It’s also a way to get to know someone new. We might be timid at first as we understand and learn about our new companion. The more comfortable we are the easier it becomes to express our feelings.

The sweetest kiss is one given to our beautiful children! It’s like saying, “Here is a bottomless cup of love from me to you. Mom loves and heals!” At least that’s what is going through my mind!

A kiss, a beautiful expression, a sweet gesture of kindness or love!